Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice Day

As the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder, I often go into hibernation mode. Sometimes that means that I have no desire to use words, in any form… I get quieter (more so than usual), I don’t feel like writing… perhaps I’m gearing down to my reptilian brain where all that is required is to simply “be,” not to think too much, not to analyze.

(This reminds me that my favorite read of the last couple of years is “A General Theory of Love,” a magical book which combines poetry and science to explore how the biology of our brain plays a powerful role in the mysteries of love and connection.)

For a while I’ll just post some images I like, at least until the words come back again.

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Buddha Snow Cone, Santa Fe (Dec 2008)

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