Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maia’s FAQ

I’ve been noticing that friends have been asking me the same set of questions. So, here are some answers to those things you may be wondering…

Where do you live now?
At the moment, I am living in Monterey, California. Sea otters are practically my neighbors. I’ll be here until mid-June, then I head to northern New Mexico to house sit for my friends Lisa and Djann.

Are you moving to New Mexico or what?
I’m trying everything out right now. I have the wonderful opportunity at this moment in my life where I’m not tied down to one home or one job, so I can test out a number of places to see where my heart wants to settle… at least for the next phase of the journey.

My partner Gina is currently up in the mountains at Tassajara Zen Center (not far from Monterey) until the end of September. I’m also charting this life course with her, and we’ll both see where we want to be as the summer comes to an end.

I know that I love it in Monterey – the combination of ocean and history and good people. And northern New Mexico has called to me for a long time for the same reasons (except substitute mountains and mesas and big sky for oceans). We’ll see what happens... I have never liked to live a boring life!

What are you doing for work?
I’m trying to hold the spirit of sabbatical, so mostly I am taking this time to slow down, take long walks by the ocean, write a lot, and consider what I really want to be doing so that I make wise investments of my energy and gifts. But when opportunities pop up that seem intriguing and rewarding to me, I occasionally say ‘yes.’ I like to think of these as expressions of my talents rather than yukky old work.

Some of the projects I've been working on are with Upaya Zen Center and the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society. More about that in a future blog.

I've created Five Directions Consulting as a way to connect with people I will enjoy working with. See my business website:

More questions?!

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